About me… Suzanne McGarry

 — Founder & Designer



Hi, I’m Suzanne creator of ‘Send Some Love’.

I am a self-employed graphic designer based in Limerick, Ireland with over 16 years experience. In 2008, I decided to begin my own graphic design business ‘4design’ which primarily provides solutions to businesses that have an ongoing need for graphic design but want to avoid the expense of a permanent in-house designer. I use best-practice typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a highly-effective end result. As my office is home-based, I can keep overheads low, passing these savings to clients to give the best value in design.

Over time, I have noticed a demand for personalised nuanced design, be it greeting cards, bespoke prints and picture collages for home decor, or specialised stationery for key life events like hen nights, weddings or birthday celebrations. The main theme emerging from this work was that my clients are always looking for ways to express their compassion and gratitude to those that they care for and love. Therefore, the concept behind ‘Send Some Love’ is to provide unique products that have been specially designed and locally printed that will make those that you care for feel loved!


These are the first range of many products which I will expand over time. As a bonus, all my products are specially designed and locally printed!

Thanks for stopping by and supporting my small business and local industry.

Sending love,

Suzanne x